MedTech Miniaturization Capabilities

Miniaturize to Maximize!
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At Knowles, we push the limits of Miniaturized Precision Stamping, Precision Machining, Micro Molding, Electromagnetic Coil Winding, Micro Electronics Assembly, and Value-Added Manufacturing. Our cutting-edge micro machining technology delivers:

  • Unmatched Precision. We fabricate the most intricate components with accuracy.
  • Miniaturization. Compact, yet powerful. We enable the creation of smaller, lighter and more efficient parts. 
  • Optimization without sacrificing quality.
  • Reliability & Quality. We employ rigorous quality control measures to ensure we meet tight tolerances and exact specifications.
  • Cost Savings. Our streamlined processes minimize the need for secondary operations.
  • Customization. From prototypes to high-volume production runs, we tailor solutions to meet your needs.



Produce small, intricate metal components with extremely tight tolerances and high precision. We work with the smallest of scales and features ranging from 0.05 to 0.254 mm and tolerance in the range of 0.005 mm. 

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micro stamping
micro molding

Produce small, intricate plastic parts with tight tolerances, precise features and intricate geometries with minimal material waste. We produce products weighing 0.001 g ~ 0.018 g, average thickness: 0.06 ~ 0.127 mm, and part tolerances as low as 0.01mm.

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Producing small coils with tight tolerances, high precision and repeatability is our expertise! Our smallest products are sized 0.45 X 1.06 X 2.36 mm, number of turns tolerance: ±3 turns, and DC resistance tolerance of ±10% @20°C.

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Coil Winding
Mini Cable assembly

Integrate multiple components into a single, compact assembly, reducing overall size and complexity.

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Utilize Knowles' microelectronics expertise on everything from wearable health monitors and implantable devices to precision surgical instruments and diagnostic imaging systems. 

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Micro Electronics

From intricate patterns to intricate designs, our precision machining capabilities empower you to bring even the most complex geometries to life with unmatched accuracy and efficiency. 

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From component and assembly design to utilizing the most advanced simulation technologies, we have you covered!

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design and dev

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We deliver precision-crafted components that exceed the highest industry standards. Our state-of-the-art precision machining technology achieves micron-level accuracy, ensuring every detail of the component executed. From the first piece to the last, we maintain strict adherence to specifications. Rigorous testing and inspection protocols ensure uncompromising performance in even the most demanding applications.

From prototypes to full production, we're here to handle it all!

  • Consistency you can count on
  • Built-in reliability
  • Unrivaled precision
  • Unwavering commitment to quality
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